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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure and is gaining popularity as more people are walking into dental clinics to improve the look of their smile. Factors causing staining: Intake of coloured foods or drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine etc as well as smoking.Infrequent removal of plaque from teeth that then settles to form hard deposits called calculus.Genetic make-up of teeth.Staining of teeth due to antibiotics or cracks in teeth that absorb stains. Tips to maintain white teeth: Brush regularly and visit dentist every 6 months.Avoid heavily staining foods and drinks.Avoid smoking.Frequently rinse mouth with water after having tea or coffee. Professional teeth whitening: Only a qualified dental professional can provide

Why are early dental checks important? Poor Oral health can have a detrimental effect on children’s quality of life, their growth,body weight and cognitive development. It is important to start educating them early on maintenance of good oral hygiene and get in habit of regularly seeing a dentist. Most oral diseases are preventable and treatable if detected early. Dental decay is one of the most prevalent oral conditions affecting half the children and over 90% of the adults. It is followed by moderate to severe gum disease. Early dental checks for children can help maintain their oral health, general health

Oral health is not just about teeth, it has a strong impact on rest of the body’s wellbeing as well. Your oral health can be raising flags about conditions affecting other body systems, making your regular dental check-ups more important. Links of poor oral health to other diseases: According to research and studies, poor oral health is linked to: Cardio-vascular diseasesDiabetesStrokeDementiaChronic Kidney Disease On top of these, regular dental check-ups can help in early detection of oral cancers. Steps to maintain good oral health: Brushing regularly, twice daily and clean in between teeth with floss.Drinking fluoridated tap water.Wearing mouth guards while playing contact sports.Minimising sugar intake, especially sticky sugar diet. If you have something

Dentists and Dentures @Liverpool has been keeping up to date with COVID-19 developments and we keep our patients’ health and safety as our top priority. We are open and continue to provide our services to our patients and community in these uncertain times as directed by Federal Health Minister’s office. The office has confirmed that essential health services including dental sector will operate as per normal. As a member of dental industry we always follow a high quality cross infection control protocols as a part of our industry standards and guidelines. On top of this we are implementing a few additional steps to ensure safety and well being of our patients and